30Hz Dirge – Stendecade (Digital)


Product Description

A marriage of classical instruments with electronic ones is a happy one? Can we mix that with sounds which seem only to disturb the silence? How about the sounds that don’t go away from the musicians but instead come back years later – to be discovered and reworked again? Can things that scared us before – whisper the words of wisdom now or those that have been rejected before – now inspire? 30Hz is a frequency close to the human ear audibility threshold. So how much can we hear?

“The artists must have thought it over to make it sound as it does.  The sounds are selected in an interesting way.” – Alternation.pl  (Review) (Interview)

The CD is of ambient -experimental stylistics. The music is well thought-over but specific, selected in an interesting way. It attracts and hypnotizes.

 1. Appear 2. Bored 3. Stardust 4. Ear Wax 5. Bell\’s Tongue 6. Disappear

Kacper Ostrowski – noise generator, el. guitar,&bass, synths, samples, drums, voice, lyrics

Mariusz Boniecki – noise generators, el. guitar, piano, synths, samples, clarinet

Recorded at four different places beetween July and November 2004


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